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The Integrex:

Integrex CNCs come with many options and hardware; main spindle, second spindle, B-axis head, lower turret, Y-axis, C-axis, Mazatrol and G-code.

Mazak Integrex Programming:

Programming the Integrex with MazaCAM at your computer is easy and quick. MazaCAM’s editor gives you the ability to program at your desktop or laptop as if you were standing at your machine. You can program in both Mazatrol or G-code. We support both Integrex Mark-IV (turning family), and e-Series (milling family). MazaCAM can even convert between turning family and milling family!

Here are some of the features MazaCAM offers to Mazak Integrex users. Please call the number below to receive literature on all of MazaCAM's capabilities, or to receive a demonstration to see how MazaCAM can significantly increase your shop's efficiency and profitability.

Smooth, Matrix, Fusion 640MT

and Fusion-Pro

MazaCAM now programs off-line the latest Smooth as well as Matrix, Fusion640MT and FusionMT-Pro.

Create or Edit

Integrex Programs

Using the Mazatrol Editor, write new Mazatrol programs from scratch, or edit existing ones on your own PC or laptop.

Communication to

the Integrex

Upload and download Mazatrol programs to and from the Integrex control, using MazaCAM's communications features, the Fusion Floppy disk or the USB or over a network.

Convert CAD Drawings

to Mazatrol for your


Draw CAD files from scratch, or edit existing ones (DXF, IGES,...) with a full featured CAD system and then output those to Mazatrol and/or G-code for the Integrex control.

Program a Part Once and

Output to Any Machine

in Mazatrol

Don't waste time by double programming your parts. Just program your part once, and then output Mazatrol to any control such as T32, T-Plus, Fusion 640, Matrix and the Smooth.

MazaCAM automatically uses the right kind of processes for the designated control. This alone saves large amounts of programming time.

Print Mazatrol Programs

MazaCAM lets you print out your Integrex Mazatrol programs for easy reference.

What else would you like to upgrade in your shop?

For more information about MazaCAM, please call SolutionWare Corporation at 408.249.1529 or toll-free at 888.322.3226 (within the U.S.), or simply fill out the form on this site to get more info sent to you.