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Mazatrol Editor & CAD/CAM Software

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MazaCAM Editor & Performance Package ― Your Smart Tool!

Create and Edit Mazatrol programs on your PC with Advanced Mazatrol Programming:

Mazatrol is an easy method of programming at the Mazak machine, but the ability to program Mazatrol at the machine while it is running it is not a practical way of programming parts. After all, who wants to spend all that money on a CNC machine to program parts?

The answer is the MazaCAM Editor! This editor will give you the functionality of programming at the machine without having to stand there or wait to the end of the day so you can program your parts now that the shop has reduced its production.

The Editor gives you the exact commands found at the control, and it does this for the Mazatrol generations (T1 up to Matrix, Smart, & Smooth, and M2 up to Matrix, Smart & Smooth). MazaCAM Mazatrol Editor provides you with the ability to write or edit programs at your desktop or laptop computer.

The MazaCAM Editor & Utilities Includes:

  • Mazatrol programming system for each milling control: M2, M32, M-Plus, Fusion-M, Matrix-M, Smart-M, Smooth.

  • Mazatrol programming system for each Integrex control: Fusion-MT, Integrex-Pro, M-Pro, Matrix Integrex, e-Series, i-Series, j-Series, Smooth.

  • Mazatrol programming system for each turning control: T1, T2, T3, T32, T-Plus, Fusion-T, Matrix, Smart-T, Smooth.

  • Conversion of turning or milling programs to older or newer controls.

  • File management for Mazatrol programs from the various formats such as FusionDisk, USB, Network, RS232, etc…

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