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Get ahead of the game with smart tools…

MazaCAM Editor & Performance Package―Your Smart Tool!

As a user you want to see your Mazatrol geometry in a graphical interface, and while you’re at it you may want to measure it or compare one piece of geometry to another. And why not, perhaps you want to show the tool-motion. The Performance Package enhances the users performance by adding the tools needed to get the part done.

The MazaCAM Performance Package Includes:

Plot Shape – Interactive Graphics Display

  • Open multiple Plot Shape windows

  • Display main and sub-programs

  • Automatically update display shape as user types the part shape

  • Click display geometry to move the cursor to the shape line in the Editor.

  • Click on shape line and the plot shape highlights the geometry.

  • Process is displayed in blue and shape line is displayed in green.

  • Scrolling through program will show continuous display of shape.

  • Zoom window

Performance Package – Tool-Path Check

  • Show tool-motion

  • Tool-Sheets – customizable, can include pictures part and tools.

  • Run-Time estimation

  • Check coordinates

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