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Programming Mazaks Off-Line

Mazak Matrix

Integrex off-line programming is easy and quick using the MazaCAM Editor and Utilities. MazaCAM’s off-line editor gives you the ability to program at your desktop or laptop as if you were standing at your machine.

The Integrex:

Integrex CNCs come with many options and hardware; main spindle, second spindle, B-axis head, lower turret, Y-axis, C-axis, Mazatrol and G-code. MazaCAM lets you handle the Integrex and its components with the use of an off-line editor or a full CAD/CAM system that programs both Mazatrol and G-code. Note: MazaCAM also program Mazaks with double-turrets and sync codes. We support both Integrex Mark-IV (turning family), and e-Series (milling family). MazaCAM can even convert between turning family and milling family!

Converting older and newer Mazatrol:

Most machine shops have more than one type of machine, some have different generations of Integrexes but cannot take one program from one machine to the other, MazaCAM gives you the ability to convert between controls. Convert any generation Integrex to any other generation Integrex; for example, you can take a T32 Integrex program and convert it up to the Matrix Integrex, or visa versa.

MazakProgramming your other machines:

If you have other machines such as G-code or other Mazatrol controls whether they are mill or lathe, MazaCAM offers a full CAD/CAM system that will allow you to load CAD files, make tool sheets, runtime, NC programs, Mazatrol programs, drawing, tool libraries, etc.

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